by the panic

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this album is talk about human being. About destruction earth which made by human. War, polution, coruption which make our earth cry and being destroyed


released December 11, 2011

all song by akis
all lyrics by akis
all arr by The Panic
sound engineer by lulu
artwork by tesa
video editor by mbie MDJR
contact person: +6281221004329 or pin 28426aaa



all rights reserved


the panic Bandung, Indonesia

The Panic is

Akis as vocal and guitar
Eko as guitar, keyboard, vocal
Agi as drum
Domy as bass

contact person: ARIEN GMR +6285861761350 & 02291629969

search on google with key words "the panic indonesia"
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Track Name: android age
He's look away looking away
without his heart
He's walk away, walking away
without his brain

his computer brain
his processor heart

welcome to this new age
welcome to this android age
people unuse.. people useless
man is addict... man is addict
Track Name: all human talk
All OF you Talk
said the Word and never stop
Forget HIS InStructiOn
tO ExOprt yOur Brilliant

For CommuniTy Development
To eXpOrt Your brilliant

That All Human Talk
That all huMan wAnt
Then all HUman fault
And aLL Human die
Track Name: Child on The War
they're children
who're cry
on the war

that fucking fools will be lose
fucking fools will be lose
and comeback to their hell

sleeping and smile.. sleep and don't cry

this war will over... they're loser!!!!
Track Name: promises
Hello Sir!
how are you?
where is you promise sir? where are you?

Hello sir!
what would you do
I'm waiting here to make decision

Of your promise
from your promise

don't you miss it
don't you quit
Track Name: rises from the west
When the sun rises from the west
what would you do at the last?
did you screaming?
did you heating?
just screaming
just heating

the chaos will you created
the ghost you've faked
it's the end of the world
it's the end of the world

it's the end of the world, the end of the world
when the sun rises from the west

huuu if sun rises from the west
Track Name: river on the street
See... the street
like a river

why it flow? flow to the road
water flow, flow into road

huuuu... water flow to road
Track Name: pen
Pen... please write the right
Pen... you must be something the right things
meaning my brain instinct

well... it always the truth
well... you maybe the clue
to help their false

don't you wait instruction
don't be a faction
this is a perfect well
there is a fate in front of faith
there is a fate in front of faith
Track Name: inner of megalomania
inner of you.... so full time of busy
inner of you.... no cask for the silent
your megalomania's made you Chilly
Track Name: mad = dead
he's dead... he's mad
he's dead... she's mad

all love song always like that
she's always sing something like that
all love song always like that
he's always sing something like that

that unmind into my mind
that unsoft into my soul
Track Name: unconfident earth
tress cut down again
leafs... i've never seen again
what human did?
what human feel?
what human did?

air is not fine again
sun ray... is really hot, and then?
what human did?
what's human thinking?
what human did?

tomorrow maybe we have not live
destroyed there by an anger waves
you trick it for your falses
worry from the chaos

family... tragedy... make her cry... make them lie
empty... visually.... make her blind... make them hard to try

loosing my trip and give your leave
walking in trick and kick your sick

friendly.... has been lovely... make her smile.. make them want to try
honesty.... has been strongly.... make her try to wake them sight